Aug 13, 2014

Important Tips On Taking Supplements


Important Tips on Taking Supplements, Energy Boosters and on “Getting Jacked!”

It’s all a blur, protein powders, muscle enhancers, testosterone boosters, energy drinks, protein bars, and amino-acid packets. There is no shame in admitting that choosing the right supplement and energy booster combo for your stack is overwhelming. A smart supplement plan does not mean just grabbing a jug of whey protein off the shelves along with a container of creatine and then going hard. Yes, these both are crucial supplements for building size and strength but by knowing what the other supplements to take along with them is what will make your body show BIG results.  Below I will explain the MUST HAVES to include in your stack, and why having a supplement stack is the smartest and quickest way to gain energy and get jacked! If you are determined to improve your strength and muscle-building goals then READ THIS before you invest the time and money in supplements.


What are Muscle Building Products Designed to do?

They are designed to increase your energy levels during your workout. They also promote lean muscle tissue growth and optimal blood flow to working muscle tissue.  They also reduce the risk of muscle loss, enhances protein synthesis in the body, enhances your focus on the duration of your workout, as well as, supports optimal recovery from intense workout routines. Essentially when looking for a muscle building product you want to find one that will reduce your overall fatigue as much as possible- so you can push more reps and complete more sets in a single workout. 


Protein is a critical nutrient when it comes to promoting muscle growth. It is designed to increase muscle mass in combination with regular exercise. Research suggests that consuming extra protein before you work out is a great way to optimise muscle development. This is because the protein is quickly digested into amino acids and is then ready to be used by the muscles that require repair after a strength workout. Definitely include protein in your supplement stack to help reach your daily protein goals and maximize your results!


Simply put, creatine is an athletic aid, used to increase high-intensity work outs. Researchers, Scholars and Scientists who have throughly investigated this topic corroborate creatine as a known energy source by skeletal muscles since the middle of the 20th century. Bodybuilders, athletes and fitness fanatics have been using creatine since the beginning of time because it promotes strength, power and lean muscle.


The BCAAs are L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. Without the right supply of BCAA in your body, your muscles can be depleted of them by the very exercise you perform to build them up. Therefore you should include BCAAs in your supplement stack if you are someone who trains hard on the regular and wants to preserve lean muscle tissue while preventing muscle breakdown.

Pre-Workout Boosters

These are more popular today than they ever were. Its a boost of energy, formulated with ingredients that work together to increase your adrenaline. They also help your focus and cognition during your workout, which makes a huge difference for your body. Pre-workout Boosters allow you to get the most out of your intense workout routines and see dramatic results!

Weight Gainers

If you want to gain weight and muscle then definitely take a gainer supplement. They help you meet your extreme calories requirements because they are specially formulated fats to help you stay lean. Weight gainers are great too because they are designed to be taken/used closer to your workout time, they can be taken as a meal replacement OR they can taken/used in addition to your daily meals to help boost calorie levels up higher.

Natural Test Boosters

Now I believe that this is the most important. It helps support recovery, libido and lean muscle mass in men. The hormone testosterone plays an important role in mens health.


Because we wont, and nobody will ever stop questioning and inquiring about supplements! Put bluntly, nobody knows what the best protein supplement is. Or which pre-work/post-workout shows better results. It takes time to find out which test-booster works best. Its complicated, and if you’re confused about what products you should use in your stack, the SMARTEST solution is to stick with natural muscle building stacks. These types of stacks have been built for people looking to build muscle and get jacked quickly while feeling an energy boost.  This is smart because stacks like this are simple, and they are priced lower than building your own stack using separate products individually.  I highly suggest Universal Nutrition’s Animal Pak- as it has the proven track record to be one of the best selling training packs in the world for 25 consistent years. This packaged supplement takes the guesswork out of selecting the right stack for your regime.

Want to noticeably make faster and stronger gains within the next month?

Hundreds of Bodybuilders have found themselves able to do just that, with Universal Animal Pak, The World’s #1 selling training pack in the world. For 25 Years, Animal Pak has been working as a natural testosterone booster for advanced bodybuilders, power lifters and athletes. All you have to do is simply take one Pak 30 minutes after the meal previous to your work out. To learn more about the benefits of Animal Pak Click Here or watch the video below.

Reviews from the product states:

 -“I was taking 20+ pills to get my nutrients. This has literally everything I need. It absorbs well, you feel the effects instantly so it is very soluble. For the price you can’t beat it. I was taking all these stupid hyped up products but all I need is Animal Pak, protein powder, and creatine.- Harveler (Testimony from company website)

This is the type of supplement that you will continue to hear about, and may not find at your local supplement store, but an increasing number of bodybuilders and trainers will continue to find success with. Therefore If you are interested into getting jacked and building muscle fast then this might be your best option. If you want to learn more about the product and purchase it from the official online store, where it is selling for  a discounted price of $26.99, click the link below.


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