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Jul 30, 2014

Announcement: Will Animal Pak Work for You?


Many regular gym-goers may not know what Animal Pak is, so don’t feel bad if you are new and feel left in the dark. You might be here right now because you heard about Animal Pak in passing, and if you are someone who is about to embark on a journey to either 1) grow lean muscle mass 2) follow a weight-loss regime or 3) change your life and work out habits, then the following information may be of use to you. I have done all the homework on this product…so you don’t have to.

So does Animal Pak really work? Everything I have researched is in the article below, and whether you are a gym regular or new to the training circuit, by the end of this you will be able to tell if Animal Pak is the right supplement for you.

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Aug 13, 2014

Important Tips On Taking Supplements


Important Tips on Taking Supplements, Energy Boosters and on “Getting Jacked!”

It’s all a blur, protein powders, muscle enhancers, testosterone boosters, energy drinks, protein bars, and amino-acid packets. There is no shame in admitting that choosing the right supplement and energy booster combo for your stack is overwhelming. A smart supplement plan does not mean just grabbing a jug of whey protein off the shelves along with a container of creatine and then going hard. Yes, these both are crucial supplements for building size and strength but by knowing what the other supplements to take along with them is what will make your body show BIG results.  Below I will explain the MUST HAVES to include in your stack, and why having a supplement stack is the smartest and quickest way to gain energy and get jacked! If you are determined to improve your strength and muscle-building goals then READ THIS before you invest the time and money in supplements.

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